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Throughput of Transit Vehicles

This post follows my post on the capacity of individual vehicles. To keep this post at a reasonable length, this post discusses only certain combinations of frequency and vehicles, and will be limited to combinations that would reasonably deployed in

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Capacity of Transit Vehicles

Often times, one of the main things that gets thrown around in bus vs rail debates is that rail has higher capacity. Is this inherently true? What does this actually look like? This is a blog post to illustrate that.

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1968: The Transit That Was Promised

Writing a comparison with Seattle’s transit now wouldn’t be useful if we didn’t also compared the past. Seattle and New York’s pasts are actually eerily similar. In 1968, Seattle voted 50.8-49.2 to build a brand new regional transit system similar

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A Case For Transit Expansion: Seattle vs. New York

I’ve temporarily moved to Seattle for a summer internship, and it’s been quite a culture shock for a New Yorker used to 24/7 life and dirt-cheap food. Equally interesting, however, is the public transport system here. Seattle’s public transit isn’t

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How Frequent is Transit in Your City?

Frequent transit maps, as described by Jarrett Walker, are very useful; you can figure out where you can just show up to a bus stop and not waste your time waiting for that once-hourly bus. They can also show you

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The Lower Montauk: The True Opportunity for Brooklyn-Queens Light Rail

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley has proposed a light rail reactivation of the Montauk Line, which ended passenger serviceĀ in 2012 due to low usage and the cost of upgrading the line with federally-mandated PTC. Granted, usage would be low on any rail

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Flawed Proposals: Off-street Bus Terminals

Once in a while, someone will suggest a bus terminal in Flushing as the solution to the chronic bus and traffic congestion in Flushing. It sounds like a nice idea; separating buses and cars is bound to make both faster.

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The New Second System, Revised

After publishing my proposal for subway expansion, I received feedback on the plan. Some of it was constructive, and got me thinking, so I revised the proposal in order to improve it. Most of the adjustments were in the Bronx,

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The Second Avenue Subway as part of a new Second System

In my previous post, I described a “core” expansion that would relieve the Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan, the Queens Blvd Line in Queens, and the Jerome Av and Grand Concourse Lines in the Bronx. This new Second System would

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Second Avenue: The Key to Future Expansion

The Second Avenue subway has been the aspiration of New York’s transit planners for the better part of a century. Originally envisioned as a massive trunk line that would be six tracks wide at its largest point, the current plans

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